Longtime IAPro customer Sacramento Sheriff’s Office is bringing in BlueTeam to boost their use-of-force reporting and documentation.

Sacramento Sheriff’s Office: Making Progress Toward Better Tracking Of Use Of Force Incidents

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says it is upgrading a computer system that could allow it do a better job tracking use of force by its deputies.
The department has been phasing in the “BlueTeam” program produced by the company I-A PRO. Captain R.L. Davis is Commander of the Professional Standards Division for the department.

He says the sheriff’s office wants faster access to deputy performance including use of force, vehicle crashes, complaints and commendations.

“We’ve had IA PRO. What we didn’t have was the Blue Team. That’s where we’re trying to go with our system to where it’s now more a push of the button. ‘Oh, Bobby Davis did this.’ Push a button and boom, it pulls up everything that I was associated with.”

Last year, Capital Public Radio requested use-of-force data from 22 law enforcement agencies between Yuba City and Modesto. Some departments produced detailed reports within days. Sacramento County took six months. Sheriff Scott Jones created a team to address the delay.

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