About Us

Company History

BlueTeam is developed, sold and supported by CI Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1993, we are a US/Canadian Company specializing in software solutions that support public safety integrity.  Over the past 24 years, we have earned a reputation for providing innovative software underpinned by superior customer support and service.

Our software products include IAPro — used by over 780 public safety organizations in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Trinidad-Tobago, BlueTeam and EIPro, our newest product.  For more information, please refer to http://www.iapro.com and http://www.ci-technologies.com

Product History

The originating idea for BlueTeam came from a far-sighted Lieutenant at Philadelphia Police Department, John Urban, in 2002.  Having just adopted IAPro for use by their Internal Affairs Division, Lieutenant Urban saw the potential of “going paperless” with on-line entry of use-of-force and other critical incident reports at the source.

Responding to Lieutenant Urban’s idea resulted in the creation of a browser-based application that provided PPD a simple to use online portal entry of use-of-force reports.   The incoming reports were immediately available for review by IAB analysts.

The new application quickly caught on among other IAPro customers, and in 2005 version 2.0 was released under a new product name: BlueTeam.  Incorporating core features such as chain-of-command routing for review and approval and an EIS Dashboard, BlueTeam was on the way to being widely adopted throughout the IAPro customer base.

Today over 550 public safety agencies in 4 countries use BlueTeam to support their front-line in the reporting and management of critical incidents, complaints and other information.  Notable BlueTeam customers include Las Vegas Metro Police, Baltimore Police Department, Western Australia Police and New Zealand Police.

Launching the next generation….

Built using enterprise-level technologies, the next generation of BlueTeam will offer an array of leading-edge features and capabilities, while retaining its ease-of-use.

BlueTeam NextGen will be released in 2019.

After a period of trial use at key customer sites, the entire BlueTeam customer base will then be upgraded.