Complaints Management

BlueTeam used country-wide by New Zealand Police as its specialized complaints management platform. Complaints received throughout the country are entered into BlueTeam for immediate assessment and assignment.

Digital Documentation

Document uses-of-force, vehicle pursuits, pedestrian and vehicle stops, complaints and more.

Early Intervention Dashboard

Supervisory and command staff can identify performance issues in “real-time” with BlueTeam’s EI console.

Less-Lethal/ECD module

BlueTeam’s use-of-force features capture over 25 data elements related to less-lethal ECD devices such as tasers.  This supplements the clickable body images where the user can indicate injuries and force contact points with a few mouse clicks

Ensuring consistency

BlueTeam data intake design ensures informational consistency. This supports high quality statistical reporting.

Streamlines capture of critical information

Incidents are entered quickly, and then routed through the chain-of-command with review and approval at each step.

Simplicity in use

Similar to making travel reservations on-line, BlueTeam offers a simple, intuitive, step-by-step interface.

Centralized Deployment

A web application, BlueTeam resides on a centralized server, simplifying deployment and upgrades.

Launching the next generation….

Built using enterprise-level technologies, the next generation of BlueTeam will offer an array of leading-edge features and capabilities, while retaining its ease-of-use.

BlueTeam NextGen will be released in 2019.

After a period of trial use at key customer sites, the entire BlueTeam customer base will then be upgraded.