BlueTeam at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

LVMPD uses BlueTeam to record all use of force, Departmental vehicle accidents, vehicle pursuit, management of initial complaints, and more.

In their own words…

The information that is entered via BlueTeam on UOF reports allow our department to bring accountability to the reporting, reviewing and approving of those reports.  We also have utilized the software to archive UOF data that is frequently searched for trends, training deficiencies, and misconduct and those findings are reported at least once per year.

New training is developed for every officer on a yearly basis based upon those findings.  We call it “reality based training”, which is becoming a best practice across large departments.

Additionally we have now for the past 4 years utilized the field investigations feature.  All Bureau investigations are routed via BlueTeam from the Internal Affairs Bureau to the supervisors in the field, where once they are investigated they are routed via the chain of command until being dropped back into IA Pro for final review by the IAB Liaison Supervisor.

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