Supporting early intervention country-wide at New Zealand Police

In their own words, New Zealand Police relate how BlueTeam is used as a platform to manage their EI/employee assistance program…

Early Intervention in New Zealand is managed from Police HQ with assistance from “EI Leads” – staff resources trained to assist with the early intervention process in their local area — that are spread geographically around New Zealand.

EI is operated in a paperless mode and all cases are created within IAPro and are sent out to the Leads via BlueTeam so they can then engage with the subject employee.

The beauty of BlueTeam is that cases can be ‘pipelined’ to the EI Lead ensuring that the case remains confidential to EI and does not appear on any dashboards. Also HQ can monitor case progress as the cases are updated via ‘tasks’ by the lead.

IAPro and BlueTeam enable NZ Police to operate an EI system in absolute confidence from other groups in a paperless manner, whilst retaining permanent records and searchable statistics.

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