Ensuring consent decree compliance at Seattle Police Department

In their own words:

BlueTeam has been fully embraced by the Seattle Police Department as part of our settlement agreement with the Department of Justice.  We are using the system in partnership with IAPro to manage out administrative investigations, track and review Use of Force incidents, as well as our newly revised Early Intervention System.

BlueTeam allows for direct data input by those involved in the field and is efficient for the reviewers to electronically route and review the various reports we are collecting so that our analytics are as current as possible.  Seattle is currently using the administrative case management function for Internal Investigations, EEO Complaints, and Force Investigations.

In addition, we are collecting data on all Use of Force reports, Employee Collisions, Vehicle Pursuits, Bias Policing Reviews, Canine Bite Ratio, Employees named in Lawsuits and Claims, and Firearm Discharges (including accidental).  BlueTeam is the perfect Data In / Data Out process that has provided us with the data we need!


Significant progress by the Seattle Police Department being recognized by their court-appointed monitor…

Seattle police make dramatic turnaround with use-of-force reforms, federal monitor finds

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