BlueTeam in Western Australia

Western Australia Police — the largest geographical Police jurisdiction in the world — currently use BlueTeam for the reporting and review of use of force, vehicle pursuits, employee-involved vehicle accidents and in support of management of less serious public complaints at the front-line.

BlueTeam was rolled out on 3 April 2013 following a major new release that saw the addition of clickable body images in use of force reporting, group chain-of-command routings, and other improvements.

In their own words…

Over the past 2 years we have realised a greater ability for our members to report accountably with respect to the force option selected for incidents, and the routing capability allows for UOF reports to be reviewed and approved in a much more timely manner.  The Chain Routings enforce accountability at every level of the process which is very important to us.

Data extrapolated from UOF reports has been used to evidence base significant changes to UOF policy governing justification for use and reporting protocols.  Training needs analysis has been conducted and issues with equipment have been identified which have resulted in changes to equipment and training enhancing the operational safety of members.

Changes have been made to policy and training as a result of trends identified from UOF reports, eg situational factors and the number of subjects armed with an edged weapon.

The smooth flow of data between BlueTeam and IAPro eases the pressure for timely capture of this important information.

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